Six reasons
to work ACTRA:

Getting paid
Retirement benefits
Health benefits
Work opportunities


Getting paid: Better pay

ACTRA has negotiated some of the best collective agreements in the world for performers. When you work ACTRA, you CAN be sure you’ll receive industry-standard rates of pay, and enjoy safe and healthy working conditions.

Your union will make sure you get the money you’re owed not only when you work but also when the production is distributed. ACTRA makes sure you'll receive fees for use of your performance no matter where and how the production is seen. Since 1983, ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society (ACTRA PRS) has paid out millions of dollars in use fees. In 2009 alone, ACTRA PRS distributed almost 38,000 cheques to performers totaling $5.4 million. Over the past 10 years, ACTRA PRS has mailed out 295,000 cheques putting $50 million directly in performers’ pockets.

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