Six reasons
to work ACTRA:

Getting paid
Retirement benefits
Health benefits
Work opportunities


Retirement benefits

By working ACTRA, you’re actually putting away money for your retirement. Every time you work, both the producer and you contribute to your personal RRSP at ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS). That’s a real bonus since over 60% of Canadians aren’t covered by any retirement pension plan.

As an ACTRA member, your retirement benefits are administered by AFBS – our insurance and retirement company run by members for members. AFBS is a not-for-profit, member-owned, federally incorporated insurance and retirement company that’s been taking care of our members for over 25 years. Each time you work under an ACTRA contract, a portion of your earnings are remitted to AFBS to be put into your own individual retirement savings plan. Thanks to our negotiated collective agreements, producers contribute more than double what you do. AFBS then invests those funds wisely on your behalf to ensure a positive return for you when you retire.

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